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Arsenal VS Norwich City, over 2.5 goals

Thảo luận trong 'Tin Tức' bắt đầu bởi kimtan2021, 1/7/20.

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    Arsenal VS Norwich City, over 2.5 goals
    Match analysis:

    Arsenal were very strong bet soccer tips against Sheffield United in their quarterfinal encounter in the FA Cup. The gunners were able to make sure they finished the match within the 90 minutes, scoring a 2-1 winner at the 91st minute. Arsenal have had two wins in a row now and it is a good sign for things to come. In the Premier League, Arsenal were able to put Southampton away easily last week, winning 2-0 away from home. It is always hard to predict an Arsenal match as they are so good in some moments, but in others, you just can't think that they'd make such a silly mistake. Arsenal will be looking to get all 3 points against Norwich here and they should be confident in doing so.

    Arsenal VS Norwich City

    O/U Pick:eek:ver 2.5 goals


    Norwich City are just a really soccer tip sites bad team in the Premier League. Having only won 5 games all season, and losing 20, Norwich is definitely going out of the Premier League. Norwich played on Saturday against Manchester United in the FA Cup quarter-finals, and at one point it even looked as if they could take the match to penalties where it would have been anyone's game. However, a 118th minute winner by Harry Maguire saw Norwich kicked out of the competition. Norwich are just not good, they have some solid attackers in Timeu Pukki and Todd Cantwell, but defensively they are just terrible.
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